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The Value Factor of Interior Space

Part One: Floor Plan Deficiencies


Whether you are buying a home or trying to present your home for sale in the best possible way, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of any floor plan. Recognizing floor plan deficiencies should be instrumental in the buying or selling decision-making process. For example, even though it may not matter much to one buyer whether or not there is access from the kitchen to the back patio, the majority of buyers do prefer it. Not having this feature could potentially shrink the buyer pool when marketing the home for sale. Many features can be modified to increase the value and marketability of a home. Others may be more difficult to overcome.

Common floor plan deficiencies:

  1. Front door entering into living room, absent a foyer.
  2. No “coat” closet in the front hall.
  3. No direct access from the front door to the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms without going through other rooms.
  4. Rear door of house is difficult to reach from the street, driveway or garage, and is not convenient to the kitchen.
  5. Dining room or area is not easily reached from the kitchen.
  6. No comfortable eating space in or near the kitchen.
  7. Play area not visible from the kitchen.
  8. Stairs between levels placed off of a room rather than off of a foyer or hallway.
  9. Bathrooms or bedrooms visible from living room or foyer.
  10. No sound-proofing of walls between bedrooms.
  11. Inadequate storage for home size.
  12. No easy access to outdoor living areas from the kitchen.
  13. Difficult placement of furniture due to location of doors and windows.